May 31, 2007

Sociable Ds

After school Ds is always looking out for some friends to recruit and bring home with him to play. So far , it hasn't been successful as although his friends wants to come along , their parents hasn't been informed properly and I really don't want them to be wondering where their kids are.
That is until today.. He managed to convinced one of his classmate friend to come home with us and she has permission from her mum.... I just hope the word doesn't go round thereafter as am hoping that his friends won't invade our lil townhouse and paint it red....

May 25, 2007


I was going down the hill to pick up my older kids yesterday as a school girl who lives across the road from us came up to me on her way back home with her friends and said "I know you. You live across the street from me.You are ds and dd's mum". I said "Yes". "Ohhh, they are sooo cuuute" she added. I noticed that she has a liking to ds and dd and is always waving at dd or chatting to ds. My only concern is that she didn't notice the cutest members of the family ie the mum and the toddler. lol ... (Okay, I'm too old to be cute ).

May 21, 2007

A Jog in the Park

On Saturday, I told dh that if I wanted to jog on Sunday morning , could he make breakfast for our kids etc. He said I always say the if word and that I wanna jog but never follow through. So this Sunday was the day that I had to prove to dh I indeed mean business. I left him to look after our toddler and he cooked 2 versions of fried rice, 1 not spicy for kids and 1 spicy for us while watching his fave Mawi concert DVD. I was sure glad to get out of the house when he turned on the volume at full blast.
Kiddies decided to follow me for a jog too after their brekkie. Ds rode his scooter and dd jogged with me to the park down the road. This park was bigger than the usual park we frequent to and had heaps of things for kids to do including a skate park for ds to scooter around. It just happened that some of their schoolmates had made and decorated blocks of concrete with lovely fish patterns and these pillars were positioned at the park. They were very colourful and eye catching but too bad I didn't have my digicam with me to take pics. I think we stayed at the park for almost an hour before we headed back home following a different route. I also taught them about looking for landmarks to identify where we are and make it easier to make our way home.
When we came back home , my toddler son was asleep and I asked dh how it felt like to be a stay at home dad and if he would not mind to do it again next weekend so I could jog again. He said Boleehhh and continued relaxing and watching his golf cd...

May 14, 2007

4 Lasagna and a Wedding

I was so totally immersed in other things for the past weeks/weekends that I forgot to fill up dear son's homework file and PASS IT UP Last Friday. Dh being the playdad that he is didn't remember either. A week ago, I was helping a friend shop for her wedding gifts and we also ended up celebrating her birthday on 3 consecutive days, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. On Saturday I bought a cake and halal pizza for her so that she (and dear son and dd) could blow candles. On Sunday, her housemates made a lil party for her. And on Monday, I returned her lasagna bake for dd with a full fledged nasi lemak, sambal sotong and sambal udang (coconut flavoured rice and sambal).
Yesterday, she offered to cook lasagna again for dd. At first I had declined to pick up the lasagna as dh and kids had plans but we decided to go to her flat in the evening to give her a lil wedding presie, ie a 40 piece set of corelle tableware that she always talked about getting but hadn't. We ended up eating lasagna again as she had baked like 4 trays of lasagna last night for some friends. It was like a kenduri of sorts prelude to her departure back to M'sia this week for her upcoming wedding. Dd and I will sorely miss her lasagna.. I mean her .. but Dh I think will secretly be rejoicing so that he doesn't have to ferry us to and fro to my friend's house in the next coming weeks!

May 13, 2007

Southbank 2

I went to Southbank again for a pre mother's day lunch at my fave restaurant (coz everyday is mother's day). OMG, the handmade turkish ice cream are soo yummy.. very flavoursome and not too sweet as the mass produced ones. They had blackmulberry, pistachio, apricot flavour icecreams plus the usual fare of strawberry and chocolate.
After lunch , kiddies had a swim at the artificial beach. There was also a newly built pool section with an interesting mechanism pouring water on the ground .. I can't quite describe it ... Perhaps, I'll take a pic of it next time.
I also went to the market and bought a multipurpose face/hand/feet polish from made of sugar from sugarcane sourced locally. I tried it at home and asked dh if my hands felt softer. He said yes that they were while eyes transfixed to the tv screen but noted that my hands has always been that way. Anyway, the lemon ironbark polish/exfoliant smelt divine and I tried it on my feet and they felt great too.

May 09, 2007

My personal remote control

I have a unique lil remote control that understands my commands. When I say "switch on, switch on", he switches on the TV in my room and when I say "switch off/tutup" , he switches off the TV for me. Okay, he has a mind of his own and switches the TV on and off whenever he likes too. lol.

May 04, 2007


I sent an email recently to the registrar of a potential school for my kids in M'sia to find out whether it is suitable for them . I asked her about next year 's intake. She gave me the A to Z for this year's intake. All in all she answered my straightforward informal questions with a formal letter cum email type piece. In other words she didn't answer my questions. This led me to a dejavu situation of my past school days to when exams question ask you one thing and students lacking the means and understanding regurgitate whatever they read in the text books remotely related to the subject. Can this regurgitation process really be passed on into the life after school days? Eww .