July 18, 2008

Kite Runner vs Da Vinci Code

I'm suppose to do some outdoor activities this week but unfortunately it rained a couple of days. So my plan got derailed momentarily. Sometimes the winter is miserably cold , sometimes warm. Nonetheless, it is perfect weather for a bit of reading under the warm duna and watching movies. One of the books I just read was The Da Vinci Code. I had to read it to see what the fuss was about (my sister had read it last month and sms- ing me that she was engrossed). To be honest, the book was quite good and well researched/informative. After reading it, I had to see the movie too so we rented the DVD of the same name. It was soo predictable. I could say it is mildly entertaining, you know, the run of the mill Hollywood action film ie police chase supposed fugitives until at the end they realise that the supposed fugitives are actually the heroes of the day. *yawn*.
Last year, I read The Kite Runner during the winter months and I wrote it in one of my blog entry. It has to be one of my favourite books by far. (Blogger Tasmiya also read this book and sobbed all the way through the book). I also read the other book by the author titled, A Thousand Splendid Suns, a heart wretching story about 2 Afghan women bound by a common destiny. (Usually, I steer away from stories of battered women syndrome but the more you read the book , the more you had to finish it.) Well, anyway, my hubby rented the Kite Runner DVD for me to watch. A few minutes into the film , I was already sobbing, and nothing was happening yet , it was just the opening scenes of Afghan kids playing with their colourful kites in the streets of Kabul. **sob, sob** (I guess I am a softie where children are concerned) .
Verdict: The Kite Runner wins over Da Vinci Code , hands down!

Update: Dh just watched kite runner movie and he said it was a good movie (coming from a guy who loves action packed movies like Rocky/Rambo says a lot).

July 11, 2008

Survived (school hols)!

School hols is coming to an end , woohoo. Let me see. What did we do. Went to 2 libraries (almost got kicked out of the first library, boys were NAUGHTY while we were waiting for dd to finish her course), went to the mall twice (quick visits mind you), picnic, parks, went to the movie (cool movie, kungfu panda) and they also met their school friends so they can redirect their energy some place else.................................
Next week I'll be so happy to shoo them to school.