March 28, 2007

Barter Trade

Sometimes I invite my friends' children to my house after school to get some quick snacks on their way back to their home. Today, I gave away ice blocks to 4 siblings. I also wanted to pay $ for some fresh honey their mum sells. They said they wanna give it to me for free. Kids! So there you are, I barter traded 4 ice blocks for 1 container of sweet and delicious 100% pure honey which will be delivered tomorrow morning at my door step insha Allah. A bargain. lol.

March 22, 2007

Awesome Turkish Restaurant

Last night , dh and I had dinner at an awesome Turkish restaurant in Southbank with some of his officemates. The CFO wanted to treat the dept after finishing something I'm still vague about so she asked dh to recommend a halal restaurant to dine at. Realising dh would probably recommend an Indian restaurant cum takeaway (again) , I thought of a name of a Turkish restaurant that had previously advertised in a local muslim newsletter during Ramadan. They followed up with my recommendation much to my delight as I haven't eaten at a lovely turkish restaurant for ages. So the dinner was marvellous and we were really pleased with the food served. So appetising and yummy! The restaurant had a very rich red turkish interior with a cozy and well lit ambience enticing people to come and dine in . However, we were sitted outside which was equally nice as it was breezy and tranquil under the starry, starry night... Just beautiful!
Check out their website

March 15, 2007


Sorry to neglect you, dear blog but I'm having techie problems right now and can't find anyone who would supply me a new AC adaptor for my modem. Where is after sales service when you need it?
*Update* Okay , so I managed to solve this techie challenge with the ac adaptor I bought from Tandy a few weeks ago after I could not get hold of the service provider on the phone (they are all automated now to save on high labour cost and they don't want to entertain cranky callers with minor probs) plus an electrical superstore asked us to deal with the supplier directly so what's the point . I just had to adjust the volt setting, as the 9 volt on the adaptor was not high enough for the modem to work.
I promise to update this blog soon and upload some great pics (insha Allah). How about that? (chuckle).

March 04, 2007

6 weird things

I've been tagged by Ms Blabs to write 6 weird things about myself.
1. I'm a travel junkie and at the moment I wanna travel the Sahara and meet the Tuareg and Berbers. If God gave me the choice of who I wanna be , I 'd say Michael Palin or Ibnu Battuta.
2. Dh thinks this is weird. I have sliced/ parts of cucumber in the fridge that I use to sooth my eyes and reduce puffiness.
3. I like to take a siesta during lunch hour. I thought this was weird til I visited South of Spain and realised they all have siesta in the afternoon from 2-5pm. The shops close during this time.
4. I like to buy hand creams even though I may not need them and the sales assistants keep telling me that my hands are soft even before I try them on.
5. I chatter more to taxi drivers/strangers than to my friends.
6. I'm telepathic and can read and send messages to my friends without the need to email, write letters , phone etc.
So 6 friends, you know who you are. You've been tagged. Lol.