January 25, 2008

End of School hols soon (YaY)

YaY, the kids had their last swimming bootcamp lesson today and they are going back to school next week. Phew!! I am so glad the school hols is almost over. My friend whom we met yesterday and went to park near the river together, was also glad that school is starting soon. (She has 6 kids, mind you). There is absolutely no way I could go to the mall to do grocery shopping and take a leisurely tea break with 3 kids all of whom have vested interest in going to any toy shops and book shops they see.
Anyway, I am very pleased with dd and ds swimming skills as they have improved immensely and their competency level has gone up. I spent more than $300 for 3 weeks for 2 children so I think it was well worth it. Dd is now learning how to do the butterfly stroke and I think she was quite good at it for a beginner. (Hey, I 'm still struggling with this stroke myself.) Ds also has improved and can do freestyle/front crawl and backstroke well. Being nimble, he is also very good at somersaulting and diving in the water too which wasn't even part of his lessons. Maybe I should sign him up in synchronise swimming squad at the aquatic centre if they will have him!!!
Today there was a pirate pantomine at the library so I promised to take the children there. Sadly ds didn't have enough stamps to qualify for a reward in the summer reading program yet so this was a quick way to get a stamp. They had to dress up like a pirate somewhat. Dd brought along her bandana and a plastic sword along. When we arrived at the library , the pantomine had already started and I noticed dd holding an unidentified brown object in her hand. It turned out she was holding her dad's underwear which I have no idea how and where she planned to use it as part of her pirate costume. I confiscated it right away. So there you are , she was holding it from the carpark all the way to the library and I didn't even realise it as I was busy calling out to ds on his scooter and toddler. I hope nobody else realised it either!

January 19, 2008

Gym & Sing

I'm happy to say that I am no longer saving up for a liposuction as my swimming and walk/jog routine has toned my body like never before. All I have to do now is to keep this up a couple of times a week. However, the only downside to swimming is that my skin has turned a beautiful dark tan like never before. (beautiful ie if you are a proponent that a dark tanned skin is desirable, an unlikely thought if you are M'sian/Asian woman.)
I opted for a gym session yesterday. Gym isn't really my thing honestly as I get kinda dizzy using the treadmill but I managed it for half an hour( I only read the notice that we're only supposed to use it for 20 mins during peak hours afterwards) and a bit of cycling. I think I need to do some upper body exercise too so probably I'll do rowing next time. There were many guys doing weights and stuff in the other room. I tried one for a few seconds which I saw a woman do, where you sit and pull the weights down to your shoulder or something. (I'm clueless about weights. Where is the gym instructor when you need one? )
On another matter, when I picked up my kids at the sports centre's creche, the childmilder exclaimed to me that "your children have such good singing voices!" and she hoped they will be back to entertain the creche again! It turned out they were singing songs from High School Musical 2 which they have watched countless times now. (Countless as I've given up counting how many times I heard the songs from the DVD since last week.) So okayyy, so they are hyperactive talkative kids and they make me a little embarrassed sometimes in public, but admittedly, they do sing quite well!

January 17, 2008

Ready Set Go!

As I was lying on my back floating on a lap one fine day( they should invent waterproof magazines for this sport), I noticed a girl on the next lane pass me by with her backstrokes. Now, I 'd let all the free stylers and the people with snorkel fins and floaties pass me on my laps and I wouldn't give a hoot. But a backstroker?!! Backstroke was my best stroke when I was a kid and I was at par if not better than the best swimmer at school (who was also extremely envious at me for my dedication in class work that she did some naughty things to me but I digress). Anyway, I couldn't let this backstroker pass me without a bit of friendly competition so I began doing backstrokes to see if I could beat her to the end of the lap. She was probably about 5m ahead of me when I started but I increased my speed and I managed to swim up to her side. So guess who reached the end of the lap first?
*Big grin*

January 15, 2008

Pool Obsession

I'm obsessed with the Olympic size 50m heated pool at the local sports centre. It is perfect for swimming for rainy, hot or cold weather! (Well, I haven't tried it in winter yet).
My personal best in KL was probably doing 25m x 25 laps. However, last week I managed 50m x 20 laps twice (after the first session, my body ached soo bad) and yesterday I pushed my ability a bit more and tried swimming for perhaps a mile (1.6km). I wanted to do more up to 2km but due to technical problems I had to stop (In other words -I had to answer nature's call). Of course, I did them mainly in breast strokes and back strokes as I am working on my new free style technique. Hopefully when the new DVD/books I ordered arrives, I can do the drills (somewhat). Then... only then, I might be able to do more laps in free style without being out of breath, and I don't have to give way to those power swimmers passing me on my laps too often on early morning laps.
My obsession with swimming pools led me to the city's aquatic centre to check out all the pools there. They have a diving pool 5m deep, 25m , 50m and wading pools under a climate control environment. While my kids and I were there, we had a glimpse of the aussie national team practicing their synchronise swimming routine. Hmmm.. interesting. Ohh.. I also checked out sally's blog on swimming pools she's been to. It is soo good to know that I'm not the only person going googoo gaagaa over pools teehee... Now, did I mention the local Olympic size pool is heeated?

January 10, 2008

At the pool side

Bubbly dad of 2: Doesn't he (toddler) want to go in the pool?
Trying to be bubbly mum of 3: He's not feeling it.
Bubbly dad: (Big ??? on face).
Trying very hard to explain mum of 3: He's not feeeling it.
Bubbly dad: (Big blank face).
Snappy mum of 3: Hedoesntwanttogointhepool.
Bubbly dad: Ooohhh.

Dd: There are a whole group of grandmas and grandpas over there ! (pointing at deep aqua aerobics class).
Ds: Oh yeah.
Ds: There is a whole meeting of grandmas ! (looking at a group of ladies at the canteen where we are sitting next to AND within hearing distance).
Me: Don't say that! (Embarrassed as usual being a mom of loud mouth kids!)
( Those ladies are young at heart. They are totally fit and can beat me at free style anytime coz my freestyle totally sucks at the moment).
Dd : Why is he wearing underwear? (pointing at man wearing speedo).
Me: Don't point at people. ( avoiding dd's question).
Dd: Why?
Me: Some people don't like it.
Me: Ssshhhhh! (before entering changing room with dd).
Dd :(gawking at a bare woman's posterior).
Me: Sssshhh!
Dd :(still gawking quietly).

January 07, 2008

January 04, 2008

Postcards from NZ

Palm Beach, Waiheke Island

Auckland City (taken from ferry to Waiheke Island)

Pohutu and Prince of Wales Geysers

Simmering Mud Pools

Champagne Pool, Wai-tapu Thermal Wonderland/Area

Champagne Pool

Artist's Palette

Devil's Bath

(Special Thanks to dear hubby for taking the marvellous pics)

January 02, 2008

Back from NZ

My family and I just came back from NZ . It was awesome! My kids loved it. (They were extremely talkative the whole vacation). On the first day, we stayed at Auckland CBD and it was quite depressing there, with glooming, dark and boring looking buildings. However, the next day we managed to venture out to the harbour and caught a ferry to a beautiful island named Waiheke and met a friendly local bus driver who gave us a wonderful private tour of the island's beautiful coastline. It was a public bus btw but we were the only people on the bus at the time. Then, we went to Rotorua to see mudpools, geysers and boiling, steaming rivers and pools.
NZ is a terribly scenic country subhanallah, with rolling hills, cattles and sheep roaming around and green pine forests on top. Dh kept asking me to take moving photos of the scenery while he drove. (He might as well have the digicam continuously on 24 hrs). And there were so many European tourists in Rotorua, I could swear I was in Europe. We plan to go to NZ again sometime to explore more of the country, godwilling ( coz one week isn't enough). Meanwhile, please excuse me while I take to a more important and *glamorous* task of doing the laundry for the one week of soiled clothes...