December 18, 2008

Cycling Tip

I haven't been cycling much lately concentrating on jogging.. wished I could cycle more , I actually prefer cycling to running so I decided to cycle last Saturday. It is a bit boring cycling on my own (I really need to enrol in a squad thingy sometime) so I asked dd to accompany me. We went on the bikeway and to the nearest petrol station for some drinks/snacks. On the bikeway, she had to stop at a gum tree to collect exo-skeletons of bugs again. One of her favourite past time with her brother. There were heaps to collect.
Then, we up the rather steep hill. I used to walk up this hill with my bike and now... people ... I can actually cycle up the hill .. no sweat... Just don't ask me to stand on the pedals whilst doing it..
I would have gone further around the bikeway but my bike's front tyre was making a peculiar sound all the way.. prob lacking air. I noticed this at the first road junction out and wanted to go back home to pump them but dd was a bit enthusiastic to move on.
Cycling tip no1# Always.. always pump your bike tyres according to the required air pressure BEFORE you go out cycling.

December 01, 2008

Thing 1 & Thing 2

"Go downstairs and play there. You know papa rented this house so you guys can play in the (spacious) rumpus room and the backyard".

Thing 1 & Thing 2 continue playing and messing up in the living room....

"Stay upstairs and don't come down while I am on the treadmill."

Thing 1 & Thing 2 immediately come down when they hear someone on the treadmill. They play noisily and even ask mom on the treadmill to help open wrappers and tinned food (which she does grudgingly while jogging).

"Wait until I pray Solah Asar first, then you can go into the pool ."

Thing 1 immediately goes down and opens the child lock gate by standing on a chair, and lets Thing 2 in with him.

Mom has to put off solah for almost an hour to watch them frolicking in pool safely. (At least Thing 1 asked permission first to go in there after frequent pet talk. Mental note: Must padlock the child gate again.)

"It's nice and sunny outside. Go and play outside in the backyard."
"It's too hot!"

"Don't go out there. It's raining and you might catch a cold."

Thing 1 & Thing 2 go outside to play happily in the rain...........................