November 26, 2008

Spaghetti Marinara (4 ingred.)

My kids were nagging me. They were hungry after school (they always are). I didn't have time to cook earlier as I was preoccupied tidying up and cleaning ( a bit more than usual) due to a scheduled house inspection earlier on. Now I had to whipped up something real fast . Dd wanted me to cook her spaghetti marinara as I had told her that I just bought a lovely seafood mix of mussels, prawns, calamari and white fish pieces for just under $10/kg at Woolies.

Recipe for this: Oil (EVOO /cooking oil), spaghetti, 1 kg ready mix seafood, 1 jar Leggos pasta sauce (I usually have a jar or 2 of this in the cupboard).
Heat pan. Add oil, add pasta sauce. Add some water/stock and reduce. Add the seafood mix. Cook at low to medium heat. Wallah ! Spaghetti Marinara. Don't hate me purists (ie the people who cook from scratch)! The kids loved it and I made it in 2 batches.

November 23, 2008

Treadmill fixed!

Dh has fixed the treadmill! I am impressed! He had gone to Bunnings yesterday (probably after reading my previous blog entry) and bought a thick wooden plank suitable for the treadmill as well as an electric saw so he could cut it to size. Then he took out the wooden platform of the treadmill ,which was starting to crack and give way under constant pressure of usage, and replaced it with the new plank that he has cut up to size and drilled. Now the treadmill is as good as new! I haven't tried running on it yet as I just took a morning jog on the bikeway. Bu it looks good.
So I guess I am scrapping my current plans to become full fledged member of a gym until maybe in late summer, ie if I decide to join aqua aerobics/aerobics (maybe), boxing fitness (unlikely) or yoga/pilates (na-ah) classes on a regular basis. I know, I procrastinate.....

November 19, 2008

Running /Storm season

It was a very hot humid weekend last week, where temperature rose above 31C , which is quite uncharacteristic for this part of the world. (Ofcourse, in M'sia it would be the norm). Anyways, I decided to run on Saturday , although OMG, it was hurting so bad, running in the hot humid weather. (The treadmill has broken down at home and dh hasn't fixed it yet. I was sceptical of him buying cheaper ones on the net although it was a brand new 4HP). Thank goodness , the lovely, friendly (at the time) magpies didn't attempt to swoop me when I was out jogging although one swooped me on my bike once (I'm still scared stiff to cycle on that route). They probably got a thing for cyclists coz dh also got swooped too and another cyclist even installed straw/spike like objects on his helmet to prevent them from swooping him.
Anyway, after the very uncharacteristic hot, humid weekend , it rained heaps on Sunday night. One suburb got the brunt of it, trees uprooted and many roofs came flying off. They have now declared it a lil natural disaster zone there. This rainy spell has continued thus far, though it seems quite lovely at the moment , apparently it will last til the end of the week. I have made plans to commit myself to a gym (meaning fill in forms and become a full fledged member and pay monthly fees (yikes!) instead of just a casual member ), because of this unpredictable weather. I like the gym at the sports centre I frequent right now , ( because of the beauuutiful 50m Olympic size pool) but I decided to check out the all women's gym nearby. Unfortunately, it is situated in the basement/underground and it was closed when I wanted to pop in. Hmmm, being a bit claustrophobic , the first impression wasn't to my liking so I think I might be sticking to my old gym which has expanded a bit and installed more treadmills a couple of months ago , all of which are facing the beauuuutiful 50m Olympic size pool btw. (Gosh, I have gotto start swimming laps one of these days.)

November 07, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated this blog for quite a while. A bit preoccupied with other stuff and also, facebook. My facebook has turned into a mini high school reunion , I'm finding people I haven't heard from for decades. It is really good to hear from the gals and some of the guys. But they don't know this blog exist, that will be overkill.
I'm also thinking of migrating to a new blog that is more travel or photo based to cater for the masses. Any input welcomed!