February 26, 2008


I haven't been able to update as frequently as I would like. That's because I'm currently doing more sports and this is taking over the time that I blog. Sometimes, I go to the gym or walk-jog early in the morning ie before dh goes to work. (I tried going to the gym with toddler but he didn't settle well in the creche). Dh is planning to get a treadmill soon inshA. (He already bought a stationary bike for himself.) I think he doesn't really like the idea of making breakfast and preparing lunchboxes for kids and getting them ready in the morning. When I came back this morning , he didn't cook french toast as I requested but just dumped plain sliced bread on the table for them with baked beans. (However, the kids do get ready much quicker for school on days that I go to gym !)
I'm trying to be a lil more proactive so I can improve my overall fitness and also lose all the residual pregnancy weight that hasn't banished from my system yet. I had put on > 20 kg when I was pregnant with my sons. (I had 3 of them.) Although I lose 20kgs , there are some still stuck some where. It is fun to do sports here. I think I'm getting addicted to running, in my case slow jog and am still lousy at it. There are lots of parks and bushland to walk, run or bike. I think I'm going back to my outdoorish self which I got partly due to my dad. (My mum claims she was a sport woman and runner at school but I've never seen her do any sports in my life time! Sorry mum. Well I saw her wearing sports attire once probably for a social badminton game.) My dad , the jack of all trades, is actually very outdoorish. He likes camping and hunting in the jungle and he also used to scuba dive and go abseiling. He brought us along sometimes. In fact, dh got the rockclimbing bug while practicing abseiling near batu caves a few years ago.

Note:Ladies, for those of you who plan to go to umrah or hajj this year (or travelling anywhere else), and if you're not already doing some program, try walking etc a couple of times a week as you have to be fit for the walk from Safa and Marwa hills 7 times totals more than 2km plus tawaf and maybe you're walking 3-5km each time you perform umrah. Interesting that islamic rituals like solah, tawaf and saei etc demands some physical and spiritual interaction.

February 21, 2008

100th post! (book giveaway)

So okay you guessed it , it is my 100th post on this blog and I thought I'll do a book (or two) give away (so I can have more space on my book shelf). Just register your interest in the comment box by the end of Feb for a chance to receive a copy of an unread book, "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy ( A story about a family set in India which won the booker prize) or "The Shadow of the Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (a wordy almost long winded yet beautiful transliteration of a Spanish bestseller set in a creepy mysterious setting). I can post worldwide. Regular commenters and blurkers welcomed!

February 14, 2008

Horizontal Acceleration

[I haven't updated dd's gifted blog much. I'll just copy and paste this later. ]
I've decided to go with horizontal acceleration instead of vertical acceleration for dd like her class teacher suggested to dh last year. That means I'm in view of developing other aspects (beside literacy and numeracy) namely the sports , social and the arts. She excelled in the literacy and numeracy test last year, her results being over and above average than the state level and in the majority of her numeracy subjects, her marks was high off the charts! (I can't figure out what that means?) I don't want to concentrate too much on academic stuff as if/when we go back to KL, it will be all about marks in school as it is highly exam oriented there. (I mean how many exams a year do kids have to do there?) Me being the antithesis of all this, I'm of the opinion that young childrens should enjoy their school years instead of stressing too much about exams. So no extra tuition for her this year even in Maths or English. She'll just do what interest her. That's a lot of stuff that she likes and she can excel in them fairly quickly eg the arts, music, science, foreign language. Dd and her bro sometimes attend the fun activities/workshop organised by the Gifted and Talented Children Assoc too and I think I have more than enough things going on a daily basis.

February 07, 2008

Heaviest Downpour

We had by far the heaviest downpour yesterday. Cats and dogs I tell ya. It started when we were arriving for my kids swimming lessons at the sports centre and we had to walk a fair bit as it poured. Toddler was all soaking wet even though he wore his bro's big school legionaire hat. We left straight after the class. Good thing we didn't wait as it was flooding in the car park and the water almost reached the car's exhaust!
I think it poured for nearly 3 hours. When it stopped , heard a ding dong bell. Neighbour was concerned a lot of water coming in his backyard. Wondering where it was from? (How about looking up in the sky?) His family's house was sort of down the hill/road so water was gushing down (It's call gravity.) He was concerned that our pool was full to the brim and maybe this might be perilous for his home/backyard.(Believe me the water will trickle in my house first before it does go into his. And I was hoping to do a few cannon balls with kids). I told neighbour that (workaholic) hubby wasn't home yet and I was waiting for dh to do something about it. (Not a good idea if our houses were on the verge of flooding.) I offered to sweep the water puddling in my backyard into the drain a bit, if it helps. He offered to jump over my gate/fence to help open the pool's valve so the water level recedes a bit. Cute. Go on! Jump over the fence! Break a leg!
Oh, for heaven's sakes! Use the gate. It's not locked!

February 04, 2008

Lazy week /rainy weather

I had a lazy week last week. I didn't do any sports. The kids also just started schooliing again and was a bit busy. However, I managed a walk-jog on Saturday as I noticed my post-kids flabby tummy bulging more than usual. (*sigh* I wish I had those really post-kids flat tummy genes sometimes). I wanted to do a walk-jog on Sunday morning too but it rained heavily.(Very unusual rain for Oz btw, maybe the effects of Lanina?). By the time the rain stopped, workaholic dh had to dash to work so I had to be content with swimming in the backyard pool. Today I couldn't get to gym either as dh's took my car to work as his need some repairs. He owes me big time!How about he get me a bike so I can ride it to the park/gym?Plus it is more environmentally friendly you know. (Yes, I so want a bike at the moment, teehee. Does anyone know what model of a mountain bike is good for a full figure not very athletic kinda woman?)