January 30, 2009


I haven't really had much adventure lately to blog anything of substance over here. Maybe a bit preoccupied with facebook , it is very user friendly. I am collecting some data/photos of the annular eclipse of the sun that occurred in the South East Asia early this week just for fun. Would like to post some amateur pics here but they're not really mine to post.
As well, I'm also thinking of going to Wordpress. Actually, I have created an account already. Probably would blog more on the past or something there. I must confess that I am still loyal to blogspot but really NOTHING interesting is happening lately to blog about except that kids are back at school and am busy cooking, washing and cleaning up the house after them...... Also taking them to the library and park after school. So not much time to blog.

January 16, 2009

HNY 2009

I'm sorry for not updating this blog. I went back for hols in KL and when I'm in KL , I don't really have the time to blog to be honest. Too many things to sort out and do! So much socializing and eating and eating and socializing and social eating.. You get the picture. Hmm.. I need to get back to my exercise regime again real soon. Next month in Feb will be a perfect time to start.. when kids are back at school.
Well, its already the end of the second week of January. Is it too late to say Happy New Year 2009 to my loyal or not too loyal readers, whoever you are ... Happy New Year!.......... Probably it is a bit a late to wish this........