May 12, 2008

Mother's Day / Funrun 2

I did another charity funrun in conjunction with Mother's Day while dh and kids did the 4.5k walk. I think the kids enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was electric and they even met their school teachers who did the longer 8k walk.
Anyway, I'm quite happy with my time AND I also managed to jog all the way even though I felt like stopping especially at the first k. I had a stomach upset the day before eating too many samosas at a fete/carnival. I didn't really want to go to the fete for fear I might overindulge. Thankfully, I was okay the next day otherwise I don't think I could have run the race.
The kids also gave me lots of cards/mugs they made/bought plus ds picked some tiny wild flowers and dd presented me with her marigold flowers she grew herself! They also made toasts and fruit salad for dinner for me on a tray. My lower legs hurt badly after the funrun so when toddler and his brother started playing with lotion, I just let them smother it all over my legs etc while I had a snooze. Bliss!

May 03, 2008

1st Road Accident

My car was involved in its first road accident in Oz a couple of hours ago. It was at a T junction near our house. We were coming back from the park after feeding ducks in the pond. I was waiting at the T junction to go to the right. A car from the left wanted to turn right into the road I was coming from. I don't think he stopped even though cars were streaming down from the opposite direction so he collided with a car. Oh my god , both the 2 cars looked really screwed up in front of me. My car was lucky ... actually very, very lucky to sustain only a dented number plate as the guilty party's car bumped into the front portion of my car. I came out to assess the damage and as I saw there was oil leaking from one car , I asked one guy in the front seat to come out of his car as I was afraid his car might catch fire though he looked like he had severe chest pains. Poor Guy! His daughter was in total shock , (poor girl!) as she went on about that she was on her way to swim class etc so now how is she going to go if her car is looking like that? Her mum was getting the swim bag out of the car so I helped carry her daughter across to the road side ( I think she forgot about her partner who was in pain! and I had to remind her to help him.) The guilty driver was on the phone calling RACQ etc. I don't think he lended a hand other than that. There was one passerby who came and helped with the parties involved and he even helped by directing traffic flow (bless him!) before the fire engine and ambulance came. The police were the last to come. I had to wait for them to give my details and then we were free to go. We met dh on the way back as he was working on a Saturday and it took him a while to come over. Hmm.. he missed all the action!