October 15, 2008

Triathlon Done!

I have completed my first short distance (200m/6km/2km ) women's triathlon! So I can now claim myself to be a triathlete albeit a very , very, slow one. My cycling and running time were pretty deceit as a first timer and considering I couldn't train much during Ramadan. I only managed intensive training during Eid, which wasn't really a good time to train as there were rich, fatty food to eat around the clock! My swim was overall in slow motion, people might have thought I was doing taichi in the pool! I elected to do breaststroke most of the way and only did free style (old school) on the last lap while most of the women competitors powered away at the start (though some of them lost steam half way). It wasn't amazing, after a 6 months hiatus due to the cool weather. I only jumped back into the pool the week before the race. I also lost a lot of time during the transition, ie just walking to transition area ( it rained heavily the day before and the ground was wet ), changing clothes etc, need to improve this especially in a short race. Overall, it was okay I guess (I didn't get last surprisingly). But I so need to commit to my swimming next year!

October 01, 2008

Eid Mubarak!

I just got my connection back. My service provider did a major migration exercise.. whatever that means... , it just means no internet to us for 5 measly days.. Anyway, hope it is not too late to wish all muslims out there. Are there anyone who actually have time to check anything on net on Eid Day like myself.. My dear son has not been well for the past weeks but he is recuperating, alhamdulillah and today I have to look after him again while other members of family go out for social visits etc.
What better way to spend Eid.. with my son! Happy Eid!