March 31, 2009


We did Earthhour again this year. Dh gave torch lights to the kids for them to amuse themselves in the dark. They had their supper early around 6pm and then Dh wanted to take some pics of the constellation in the night sky. He used manual focus and adjusted the aperture, shuttle speed, ISO etc of the camera. The pics turned out ok. I wasn't expecting to see any stars but I could make them out in the photos. I guess the sky was quite clear and there was not much cloud around that night. I didn't really hang around to see the action much. Went to bed early with 3yo as soon as the lights went off at 8.30pm. The lights didn't come back on until the next day...

March 26, 2009

New Layout

I was actually trying to change the custom header in another blog. I couldchangeo it the first couple of times but then I thought I wanted to change it to a better picture but then I couldn't change it for some reason. So I came to this blog to work on the header here . (I only tried changing this once though. ) And then...hmmm.... I might need a new layout for the blog with more features. So ta-daaaa!!! The revamp version.
Unfortunately this current layout had wiped out my old blogroll and other customized stuff (which was part of the reason why I didn't want to change. ) But it's all good and hope you like it.... even if it is just a little.

March 08, 2009

1st Fun run 2009 - done!

I ran my first fun run this year with dd . She wanted to enter it at the last hour so I went to register her yesterday at the registration table at the event venue. Unfortunately, due to the late entry she couldn't get a free t-shirt and racepack after the race straight away and there wasn't really any chance of getting one with the swelling number of walkers who completed after us . I did buy her a pink T-shirt though but it isn't really her favourite color (they were all pink).
I think she did pretty well considering the longest distance she ever ran was 3k for her cross country at school. This year , we ran in reverse direction of the route taken last year which was probably a good idea but it was a slow start up one of the bridge due to the sheer number of participants. As we were at the back of the pack at the start line, we had to move around people like a labyrinth to get ahead. It started to clear a bit after that and we managed to run up almost all the hills and beat all the runners walking in the process (hehehe)... Dd ran very well to the half way mark (2.5k) in the Botanic Gardens where the drink station were and... after that... it sort of went downhill and I had to literally drag her up hills and paths as she was tiring. So we could only manage to walk up the Goodwin bridge after that since there was no respite from the sun and dd was fatigued. I insisted she drink from the watercooler when we came down from it to give her a energy boost. And then it was just a 1k 'dash' through the Southbank Parklands and to the finish line at the Cultural Forecourt. Phew!