June 21, 2009


I haven't been updating this blog for a while. I'm really into photography right now and taking a lot of pics of birds so my other blog is getting more attention.
I went to the Parklands for 2 days straight. On Friday with younger son and Saturday , I cycled there with older son . It is currently my favourite spot for birdwatching as I get to see birds I don't usually see in other areas of the bikeway and it helps that there are ducks there for the kids to feed. There are eels and turtles in the mini lake too but they haven't come out after the water had turned a bit murky due to the rain spell the past months. There is also a little airstrip next to the park where hobbyists congregate with their miniature planes on the weekend. I keep telling myself I need to take pics of them too but my main focus is really taking pics of birds. It's a bonus if I can shoot birds I rarely or haven't seen before.


Ms Lavendar said...

"It's a bonus if I can shoot birds I rarely or haven't seen before."

Say again?

Mas said...

Oh so you still read this blog ! I've totally neglected it. And you've started blogging again. Yay.