April 25, 2009

Round up

I have been busy lately due to the school easter break in mid April and now they are back to school, I was busy cleaning up the house and catching up on chores for the most of the week.
Dd and her bro will be taking assessment tests in mid May. They have pushed it up from August to May this year. Apparently, dd's teacher are not at all worried about dd and even expect her to come up tops! I just hope she read the questions carefully and take time to reread her answers instead of stopping early and reading a story book like last time (although her previous results were perfectly okay and well above average of her peers.) As for her bro, there is absolutely no pressure for him. As long as he is happy and understands the concepts at school, it is fine.
Dd also almost got to represent her school in cross country but they decided to do a rerun and she came in 4th this time instead of 3rd. She came home to tell me that she did not make it to district as her friend beat her by half a meter. I said that it was okay. You know, I'm just happy she improved her position from 2nd last to 3rd place this year!

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