May 05, 2009

Morning Fitness

I haven't been consistent with my exercise this year now that the temperature has dipped at this time of year as it is almost winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The early morning are cooler if not colder and I would rather prefer to stay under my duna instead of attempting to jog at 6 o' clock a few times on weekdays. However, I do try to jog or cycle on the weekend.
Last Saturday, I went out for a jog a little later at around 9 ish instead of the usual 7 ish. During the spring/summer, most people like to walk their dog around 8 am so I try to jog before that time. However, on this particular Saturday there weren't many recreational walkers or people walking their dogs. The only people I came across were the competitive athletes on their training run from the opposite direction. I think I recognise one of them from the sports centre where I go for my gym sessions (not very often these days). These guys are super fit and some of them even compete at a national/international level and they were running shirtless that morning. Gosh, I wish I can go shirtless for my morning jog, saves me a good 5-10 mins finding the right sports attire for the session.
There is also a squad practicing running/cross country at one of the fields I pass on Saturdays. I was probably a bit late that morning and they may have finished their training session already coz I didn't see them running like in the past weeks. Their coach really grill these high school/college runners into running around the field many, many times over. These youngsters have a lot stamina to be able to do this.
On Friday mornings, I sometimes observed a group of bootcampers wearing the same bright red tees displaying their bootcamp motto or something, will be exercising or training with a bootcamp coach somewhere on the open field/grassland around the bike way. They comprise mainly of women who are motivated to attend these sessions to lose weight and get fitter. The session are normally held a few times on weekdays and I sometimes wonder if I should enrol in these bootcamps for some group motivation. But then they probably have finished their bootcamp for this season...

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