May 24, 2009

W/end walk/cycle

It had rained pretty much last week and I think it was wed or thurs that the bikeway was completely flooded and I could actually that the water had risen up next to the road. Fortunately, the road wasn't flooded and I could still pick up my kids from school. The next 2 days after that, it was lovely with sunny intervals and then it started to rain again on Saturday. I had lunch at the sushi train with the family and thought I'd walk back home with dd , which was about a mile. The only bad idea was that I was wearing heels and my feet were killing me half way home, I need to bring the trainers in the car next time.My painful soles just about canceled my plan to go jogging today so I went cycling instead. Needed to be consistent at cycling well, at least boost the mileage a bit otherwise it is rather painful for me going uphill (like it was today).
The bikeway was wet and puddly and I couldn't ride that fast since when I hit the puddles, the muddy water would splash all over my white Asics trainers and even on my bike shirt. Near the parklands , part of the bike path was immersed in water and I couldn't get through it and had to turn back. I met a group of bird watchers at one stage who were pretty keen looking into their binoculars, they didn't realized they blocked my path. Didn't want to startle them so I just rode through the wet grass. Hey I'm a birdwatcher too. :) I saw the usual birds that frequent there plus an egret and some grey looking birds flying at the parklands which I couldn't positively id, maybe they were herons? There were also sounds coming from the wet marshes sounding like continuous drumbeats which I suspect were frogs.
I then made my way to the other end of the bikeway to make a complete loop but didn't reach the end because there was a pickup truck blocking near the creek. I supposed they were cleaning up the mud there so I had to turn back . All in all, I managed to cycle almost 20km for an hour and a bit on a wet puddly bikeway which wasn't bad. :)

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